Home Security Systems in Lexington & High Point, NC

Keeping You And Your Family Safe

Security and Sound Solutions, LLC is on a mission to make sure that every home in the Lexington & High Point, North Carolina area is protected by one of our home security systems. To further our mission, we offer to install free alarm equipment at your home for a low one-time installation charge of $100. All we ask is that you sign up for a three-year monitoring agreement and allow our experts to help keep your Lexington and High Point, North Carolina home safe.

Home Security Systems in Lexington & High Point, NC
Home Security Systems in Lexington & High Point, NC
Home Security Systems in Lexington & High Point, NC

Our Home Security Systems Are Designed With You In Mind

Our monthly monitoring agreements start at just $24 per month, and we have options that can add more protection if you choose.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and that's why we are in and out of each client's home within two to three hours of our arrival for our home security installation jobs.

When you want to protect your home and family from the unexpected, it's time to give Security and Sound Solutions a call (336)-399-8974.

Reasons to Call for Home Security Installation

There are many things to consider when you are thinking about getting a home security system installed. One of the first thoughts could be if the benefits really outweigh the costs. When it comes to protecting your family, there are an abundance of advantages with a home security system you should consider.

  • Protection of Valuables

This one is the most obvious, but also a huge thing to think about. We all may know somebody who has gotten electronics or items of value stolen from their home. You should take a moment to think about losing something of even greater value-such as a family heirloom or social security card.

  • Deters Crime/Intruders

According to statistics, homes without security systems are about 3x more likely to be intruded. Even just the existence of a security system can scare off potential invaders! A security system also helps create a safer environment for your entire neighborhood

  • Lowers Homeowner’s Insurance

Research shows that having a security system installed in your home can lower your insurance by up to 20%. You should contact your insurance company for more information about a security system installation project.

  • Peace of Mind

Being able to watch your home while you are not there, or perhaps even check on your kids while you are working allows you to go to sleep or leave the house without having to worry. Installing a security system can make you feel safer even if you choose not to consistently use and check it.

If you have additional questions about home security installations or what they can offer you, please contact Security & Sound Solutions llc for a free consultation. We service Lexington, High Point, and surrounding NC areas. Call Now (336)-399-8974.