Home Security Cameras in Lexington & High Point, NC

Keep An Eye On Your Home With Our Security Camera Installation Projects

Security and Sound Solutions, LLC offers quality home security cameras for Lexington and High Point, North Carolina homeowners. With our camera system in place, you can keep a close eye on every room in the house - whether you're home or not. We offer an app that allows you to monitor your Lexington & High Point, North Carolina home from anywhere there's internet service, and it will let you control your cameras remotely, too.

Home Security Cameras in Lexington & High Point, NC
Home Security Cameras in Lexington & High Point, NC
Home Security Cameras in Lexington & High Point, NC

No Monthly Service Fee

Our home security cameras transmit a clear, vivid picture to help you see every detail. Our systems are available in 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel... up to 256 channels.

All of our camera systems include professional installation and a three year warranty. Pricing starts at $1,499.99 with no monthly service fee!

Give your home the added security you want when you're not at home. Call Now (336)-399-8974.

We also offer security camera installation for commercial properties to help protect your own business. Fill out the contact form to the right or call us today to learn more.

Benefits of Home Security Camera Installation

With today’s technological advances, you don’t have to be home to see what is going on in or outside your house. Getting a residential security camera installed can be beneficial for a number of reasons including:

  • Enhancing your existing home security system

We all hope that no intruder ever tries to break into our home. Sometimes, intruders will opt to try and break into a car parked out front for an easier target. A security camera can record things happening outside of your home, allowing you to catch the culprit with ease.

  • Allows you to check on family and pets

Security cameras aren’t just good for safety, it can also be used to give you more peace of mind when you are away from your family, kids, and pets.

  • Videos are best evidence for court cases

Adding a home security camera is something that will help prevent crime all together. In the chance that something still did occur at your home, you will have a video record of what happened. This is considered indisputable evidence in court.

If you have other questions about home security camera installations or what they can offer you, please contact Security & Sound Solutions llc for a free consultation. We service Lexington, High Point, and surrounding NC areas. Call Now (336)-399-8974.